The Devil’s Riddle: Session 37

Using the big man’s imposing frame as cover Fyn darts around him and dashes back down the corridor, but is unable to hold on to his remaining rapier. It drops from charred, smoking fingers. In a flash one of the rust monsters is on it and has reduced it to dust. Fyn lets out a frustrated wail.

Tomas now holds the archway, blocking it with his bulk as his companions race to comparative safety.

“Everyone’s clear! Lead them back into the corridor, Tomas!” Idril calls, retreating until she stands beside Cayleb. “We have bows and spells readied!” The rust monster, driven to aggression by the scent of supper ahead, decides to encourage Tomas to get out of the way, nipping at the big man with a clack of mandibles.  

Tomas backs slowly away, two of the creatures trotting along behind him, and as they round the corner they walk into a hail of missiles. The lead creature give a plaintive shriek as it is narrowly missed by Lisandra’s blast of light, only for three arrows to punch through its armoured hide. Readying himself for battle Tomas bellows “For the Light!” and as his muscles flex he actually seems to glow from within. All three rust monsters surrounding him flinch back, the light searing them. As one they turn and scuttle back the way they came, retreating out of sight into the darkness of their chamber.

Tomas lets out a deep breath and the inner glow fades. He staggers slightly, steadying himself  with one hand against the cold stone wall, then backs away to rejoin his companions.

“Is everyone all right?” Rufus asks, checking on his shaken allies.

“All right?” splutters Fyn. “Those damnable beasts ate my swords!” He continues, oblivious to the growing look of ill-concealed anger on Rufus’ face. “What sort of monster eats a man’s swords? And my hands! My lovely hands! All blistered and…”

“Not. Another. Word.” Rufus’ voice is low and tight, his words furious. Even Fyn can’t mistake the venom that drips from them. “Your ill-discipline and foolishness almost cost us dear. From hereon out I will take lead, and you will follow my orders to the letter. Do we understand one another, Fyn Smallwood?”

Fyn gulps, opens his mouth to reply, closes it again and then nods. Rufus turns away, scowling.     

“I am glad.” Idril smiles to Cayleb, leaning on her cane. “It gave me no satisfaction to inflict harm upon those poor creatures. It would have weighed heavy on me had we been forced to kill them.” Cayleb looks at her blankly. “Whatever you say, mother, whatever you say.” He doesn’t look convinced.

Lisandra approaches Tomas a places a hand lightly on the big man’s arm. “Tomas, are you aware of what just happened?” She says quietly. The big man shakes his head, his breathing still deep and ragged.

“You touched the Source, Tomas. You channeled its power, though in a way very different to my own. I am able to channel by calming my spirit, by sinking into that eternal ocean of quiet and peace. You, my friend, seemed to adopt entirely the opposite approach; the heat of battle was your conduit. Fascinating, but perhaps a topic to consider at a more apposite time.” She raises her voice, speaking to the whole group.

“We are faced with a choice my friends; do we try to circumvent this barrier, or turn back and take the other path?”  




One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 37”

  1. Fyn Perception: 7 Aargh! You dumbass, Fyn! The lever is right there!
    Fyn sword damage: 5
    Fyn Con save: 9
    Q: Do the rusties attack Tomas? YES
    RM bite: AC 13 (miss)
    Rufus longbow: 24, 5 damage
    Cayleb crossbow: 25 (crit), 9 damage
    RM Dex save: 14 vs Lisandra’s Sacred Flame (miss)
    Fyn shortbow: 23, 6 damage
    RM Morale check: 5
    Fyn Insight check: 4

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