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The Devil’s Riddle: Interlude: The Blademaster’s Secret II

Posted in The Devil's Riddle on June 1, 2017 by Carl

We know some of what has led to this point, but now we need to find out how this set of circumstances develops, and what happens to bring about this state of of “stalemate”.

Q: how did Rufus end up at the temple ahead of Andromeda? Here are the options as I see them.

  1. She granted him a period of freedom
  2. He fled her and hid
  3. He fought and wounded her
  4. He trapped her, she subsequently escaped

Magic pyramid says 4. He was able to capture her somehow.

Q: How was she captured?

  1. A magic item
  2. A powerful ally
  3. A special place
  4. An obligation

2: An Ally

Q: Who was the ally?

  1. An agent of the Dark
  2. A rival fey
  3. An agent of the Tower
  4. Something we haven’t seen yet

2: A rival Fey. Interesting. So here’s what we have so far.

Rufus made a bargain with another powerful Fey, King Finvarra, in order to escape his fate he betrayed his lover (who, in fairness, had stated she had to kill him), and saw her bound and dragged off in chains.

Shattered by his whirlwind romance and its tragic conclusion a broken Rufus takes off and eventually finds himself at the sky temple, seeking redemption. The Tower Mother Telerassi introduces him to an ancient weapon master, the last of his order. Over time Rufus becomes his apprentice and learns the lost martial secrets of the Chamarands. He attains mastery and finds peace.

But Andromeda claws her way free from the Fey King’s torments.

Q: Does she kill Finvarra? Yes

She enacts her revenge upon Finvarra, throwing the power balance of the Fey realms into chaos, then turns her attention to the one who thwarted and betrayed her; her lost love, Rufus. Consumed with a thirst for vengeance she confronts him in his temple refuge

Q: Does Rufus trap her in his sword? EXCEPTIONAL NO.

This seemed like a logical option to me but the Emulator emphatically disagrees. That response suggests either it’s not her but someone else that’s trapped in the sword, or that she is trapped elsewhere. After a bit of head scratching I go with this:

With his master’s aid Rufus attempts to slay Andromeda’s mortal shell and trap her essence in his blade, but he fails. Though she is mortally wounded Rufus is not strong enough to bind her; instead her spirit attempts to seize control of his mind. In a final act of self-sacrifice his master impales himself on Rufus’ sword and is himself trapped in the weapon in Andromeda’s stead, binding himself in endless deadlock with the mad Queen’s spirit.

While Rufus possesses the sword of the last Chamarand he is able to  keep the Fey Queen’s psyche at bay. Woe betide him if he should lose it, or if some dark power should begin to destabilize the delicate balance that exists between the two warring minds…