The Devil’s Riddle: Session 40

At Lisandra’s outburst the other turn to look first at her, then at Rufus, some with concern, others with confusion.

“OK, that doesn’t sound good.” Fyn gulps. “Do you mind explaining just what in the Ebon Pit is going on? Is something wrong with Rufus? Is he ill?”

Lisandra is about to speak, but Rufus cuts her off, a breach of etiquette between Channeler and bodyguard that is remarkable in itself. “Now is not the time.” he snaps, his voice tight. He takes a deep, calming breath. “We have a job to do. Gather up the weapons we came for and let’s get moving.” He meets Lisandra’s eyes and she is relieved to see that his gaze is steady and clear. “All is well, my Charge. It was but a momentary… It has passed, please do not trouble yourself.”

Lisandra nods, noting with faintest of smiles the apology inherent in her companion’s rare use of the honorific. “Very well, my friend. If you are certain.” The look of concern on her faces eases, but does not altogether depart.  

Despite their best efforts all the group are able to find is the hatchet and a dagger for Fyn. There is no shield for Rufus. “You have to be kidding! We went through that nightmare, and all for a bit of kitchenware?” grumbles Cayleb. “There damn well best be something worth all this trouble past those rust beasts, that’s all I can say…” He spots Tomas frowning at him and tails off.

Idril, standing close at Lisandra’s elbow, watches shrewdly as the Channeler’s eyes follow Rufus around the room. Up until now the Blademaster has projected an air of cool, unassailable authority. Lisandra too, for that matter. To see both of them shaken so is disconcerting. Whatever unspoken warning passed between them, it bears further scrutiny. And, when the time is right, a full explanation.

Their work done the Blademaster leads them out of the chamber again, his jaw set and his sword gripped firmly. If he is aware of the nervous glances being exchanged behind his back he does not show it as he slips noiselessly down the smuggler tunnels.   

As the group depart none of the group notices the large ring of mushrooms and toadstools that has begun to slowly sprout from the dirt between the flagstones. As their footsteps recede into the distance, from within the ring comes a powerful scent of wildflowers and the faintest strains of entrancing, unearthly music. As swiftly as the circle formed it fades again, the mushrooms withering and rotting back into the dirt as if they had never been.  


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 40”

  1. Q: Is a breakthrough imminent? EXCEPTIONAL NO. Looks like Rufus and his sword spirit are back in control. For now. I wonder what set him off?
    Q: Does violence unbalance the stalemate? NO. That suggests that it is purely down to the proximity to the source of the corruption in this place. I’ll investigate that theory further as we get closer to the heart of darkness.
    Q: Do they find what they are looking for? NO
    Random Event: ‘Usurpation of a stalemate’ is Resolved as a result of the Oppression of Portals. Hah! Having pondered the reason for Andromeda’s sudden stirring, the GM Emulator hands me the answer: a portal was forming to the Feywild! Thanks, GM Emulator 🙂

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