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The Devil’s Riddle: Session 42

Posted in The Devil's Riddle on June 13, 2017 by Carl

“Place any metal armour into this sack. Sheath your weapons. Keep everything of metal away from your skin.” Idril busies herself gathering and preparing, some way down the passage that leads to the rust monster lair.

“Great” grumbles Cayleb. “So now we’re defenceless. How d’you expect us to get past those steel-eating monstrosities? What’re we going to use, harsh language?”

“Let me worry about that, young man.” She hefts the large pouch she took from Fyn. “I suspect they’ll be too busy focusing on dinner to pay us much mind. And if they do, well you have your crossbow, Rufus and Fyn have bows, Lisandra and I have our magics, and Tomas here is not carrying any metal. I think we’ll be fine. Master Rufus, would you be so good as to accompany me?”

The two set of quietly down the corridor with Fyn close behind until they reach the archway. Rufus and Fyn take up positions in cover as the rest of the party come up behind them. Cayleb brings up the rear, carrying a sack full of armour as quietly as possible. The rust monsters amble about the room, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the adventurers. There are two doors leading from the room, one in the far wall, another in the wall to the south.

Idril fishes out a handful of steel ballbearings from Fyn’s pouch and rolls them across the floor to towards the far corner of the room. The rust monsters’ antennae respond instantly,  twitching towards the sound and scent of metal. Two scuttle after the tasty morsels immediately, oblivious of anything other than dinner. Only one of the creatures pays the party any mind, though it too moves in the direction of the shiny ballbearings.

“Time to go!” Idril barks, and the group dash into the room, making for the door in the far wall. Rufus and Fyn take the lead, followed closely by Idril. As they pass through the archway they feel the now-familiar thrum of magical energy as the trap triggers again, and the pouch grows warm in Idril’s hands. Rather than reach in she grips the top of the pouch and flings half the contents into the far corner of the room. All three rust monsters fall on the metal in a feeding frenzy. “Quickly, while they are distracted!”  

In their haste no-one but Tomas spots the small lever jutting out of the wall near to the far door. And he is far too preoccupied with herding his companions to safety to pay it any great mind.

Rufus pulls the door open and he and Tomas make sure everyone is through before slamming it closed behind them. They are through.

To their left rough-cut stone steps lead upwards into darkness. To the right the smuggler’s passage continues for a way before turning right again.

“Right” smiles Fyn. “Which way next?”