The Devil’s Riddle: Session 43

“First thing’s first, Fyn. Armour back on before we go anywhere.”

The group quickly follow the Blademaster’s instructions, and once ready he speaks again. “It’s hard to say whether our best chance of finding our foes lies up these stairs or deeper into the tunnels. But I say we head up; what think you, Lisandra?”

“I’m inclined to agree my friend; if nothing else it may provide us with a better understanding of our whereabouts if the steps lead to the surface. We we know there are tunnel entrances at the monastery, the inn and also a smuggler’s cove further south at the coast. Is that right Fyn?”

Fyn looks at her, puzzled for a moment. “Oh, you mean the edge. Yes, that’s right. I’m not sure where we might be right now, but it makes sense to find out. Lead on Rufus.”

The steps lead upwards for some distance. Eventually Rufus and Fyn find themselves facing a well-made wooden door. However much of the ceiling of the tunnel has collapsed, and the door is blocked by heavy masonry. Where the ceiling has given way dim light filters down into the dusty air. Fyn peers through the gap.

“It looks like there is a chamber above us, but open to the sky, the walls damaged. Some sort of ruin. Tomas! Come lend a hand here, let’s see if we can widen this hole.”

In short order the two of them have cleared a hole large enough for Fyn to wriggle through. He stands and looking up realises he is in what was once a cellar. The ceiling above has collapsed, and beyond that much of the ceiling of the first floor, as well as most of the roof. There is rubble everywhere.

“It looks like an old manor house, but long since fallen to ruin.” he calls down. “Strange though, I don’t know of any ruins in these parts…” He peers up, spotting a family crest over an arched stone doorway. “Hold on, isn’t that… Blessed Seven! It is! The twin boars! That’s Lord Cotely’s arms! This must be Cotely Hall!”

Idril and Lisandra have clambered up alongside him.

“That’s not possible” mutters the elderly gnome, leaning heavily on her cane as she recovers her breath.

“Why not?” Lisandra asks. “Had you not expected to emerge here?”  

“It’s not that,” Idril replies, her eyes widening in shock as she confirms Fyn’s guess. “This ancient ruin is indeed Cotely Hall. What is impossible, my dear, is that this manor house, so ravaged by time’s passing, was only built fifteen years ago. And when I last visited Lord and Lady Cotely here, not three months past, it was in perfect condition!”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 43”

  1. Q: Left? Yes
    Q: Cotely Hall? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    According to my new map of the kingdom of Lothlonde (more on that shortly) Cotely Hall lies to the north-west of the monastery. Seems a likely destination. But the GM Emulator emphatically disagrees. What could that mean? Let’s set up some options:
    Cotely Hall has been utterly destroyed
    The exit leads to somewhere else entirely, via a portal
    The steps are a trap, collapsing into deeper dungeons
    Other (ask a detail question)
    D30 DM Companion Table DFDT: Door: Wood Good, obstructed.
    S30 DM Companion Table DFDO: Blocked, cave-in (int)
    Q: Any visibility into the manor ruins? YES
    Rufus: Investigation 18
    Tomas: Athletics (ADV) 15
    Q: Destroyed by fire? NO
    Q: Destroyed by age? YES
    Fyn: History 15
    Q: Should the manor be a ruin? NO
    Idril: Investigation 21
    Q: Has Idril been here before? YES
    Random Event: Progress on ‘The Fury, and the Glory to Come’: the Persecution of Opposition
    Oh dear, that’s worrying; I think that suggests another brief interlude next session…

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