The Devil’s Riddle: Session 44: Heart of Darkness

The Innkeeper, a tall rangy fellow with a shock of greying hair, whistles to himself as he bustles around the Devil’s Riddle inn, tidying and cleaning. Despite the lack of customers due to the desertion of the village of Tylon, Jeden is content. He has his health and he has his inn. What more could a man ask?

The scraping of wood from down in the cellar wakes him from his happy reverie. “Mistress Lisandra? Master Rufus? Back so soon? I hope you gave those damnable creatures a taste of their own…”

He tails off as the cellar door opens. Three gaunt, black-cloaked figures step into the room, one moving to block the only other exit. “Oh blessed Saviour preserve me!” whispers the innkeeper in horror, the colour draining from his face. The dishcloth falls unnoticed from between nerveless fingers.

One of the robed figures approaches him. There is nothing hurried about its movements, no haste as it reaches up and pulls back its hood to reveal the dead-eyed stare and bloodless grin of the creature that used to be the bookseller.

“So good to see you again, innkeeper.” Its voice is low and rasping, and something in it’s tone chills Jeden still further. It cocks its head to one side. “I trust my room is as I left it?”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 44: Heart of Darkness”

  1. Last time the GM Emulator finished with this little zinger: Random Event: Progress on ‘The Fury, and the Glory to Come’: the Persecution of Opposition.

    I considered this in light of the previous Heart of Darkness post, and came to the unavoidable conclusion that poor old Jeden was about to find himself in rather hot water as the Jester’s progressed their agenda. Sorry Jeden, but you were asking for trouble when you said this back in session 30!

    “I tell you, that’s an end to it. Those two have my gratitude an’ all, but the longer I stick around them the crazier things get. Whatever they’re up to, I’m well out of it. By some small mercy the Riddle is still standing, and village or no village, it’s the only livelihood I’ve got. I’m sticking here. And if you want my advice you two will do the same. They mean well, I reckon, but sticking with those two is a fast track to an early grave.”

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