The Devil’s Riddle: Session 46

Fyn pushes the door open, ready to spring back, but what he sees brings him up short. “Nothing in here” he calls back to his companions. “Nothing but a large trunk against the far wall.”

The party enter the room and indeed there is very little of note; a door in the northern wall, a heavy trunk against the western one, banded and clad in dull steel. It is unadorned save for three thick embossed runes on the front.

“Want me to take a look?” Fyn asks, but Lisandra shakes her head. “Let Idril and I examine it first. Perhaps we can determine what these runes signify.”

The two step forward, but before they can stoop to begin their examination they are interrupted by an almighty impact from above that causes the floor to vibrate and loose ceiling mortar to rain down on them. Rufus is the first to react.

“That came from the ruins above! Everybody move!”

He leads them at a sprint, dashing back down the corridor and scrambling up through the hole in the ceiling at the top of the stairs. The sight that greets him gives even the experienced blademaster pause. Above him, silhouetted against a large hole in the manor house roof, a being he can only describe as an angel is furiously beating its huge snow-white wings as it desperately attempts to climb. Clinging to it are a number of tiny spined creatures, their sharp thorns lacerating the flying being. They appear to be plantlike, but are utterly alien to Rufus.

Lisandra clambers up first to join the blademaster in the ruins of the manor cellar and then the others; as they begin to make sense of the scene unfolding overhead it becomes apparent that whatever it is, this “angel” is not what it first appeared to be. Its long flowing robes are stained brown with what looks like dried blood. Instead of hands it has long, vicious claws, similarly stained, and the flesh of both arms glistens, as if its skin has been flayed away. Wrapped around the body and arms are spiked black chains that pierce the skin, and attached to the chains there is a black iron collar around its neck. It opens its mouth and lets out a tortured shriek as it flings one of the tiny plant things away.

“Sevenfold Source!” Tomas spits. “What is that unholy thing? Do you see its halo? It’s black as the Pit!”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care!” cries Cayleb, still halfway through the hole. “Let ‘em tear each other apart, and let’s get out of here before they try to do the same to us!”

Lisandra shakes her head, no doubt in her mind. “I have no idea what it is, nor what those are creatures that attack it, but we are here to destroy agents of the Dark. That chained thing is plainly our foe. If it escapes this place who can say how much harm it might do? Stand fast, my friends; we attack!”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 46”

  1. Q: Room contents? YES
    Q: Features? YES (the choice here was features or occupant)
    R: 6 Container (1d6 to choose from Feature options from the d30 DM Companion)
    R: 29: Metal trunk (using table TCP1)
    Q: Protected? YES
    R: 6: Runes, Container (using table TCP2)
    Q: Trapped? NO
    Q: Treasure? NO
    Q: Any contents? YES
    Q: Rust monster food? YES
    Random Event: Something of Ambiguous significance occurs, involving a Dispute over the Outside

    I choose to interpret this fairly literally; a “dispute over the outside” is a battle, in the air, above the ruined manor. It must be a pretty major battle for the party to be aware of it down here. It’s been established that the Jesters are back at the inn, so we need to figure out who the battling parties are; time to create a random encounter.

    A visit to Kobold Fight Club gives me:
    8 x Child of the Briar (Tome of Beasts)
    1 x Chained Angel (Tome of Beasts)

    Fantastic, the story writes itself!

    Lisandra: Religion 7

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