The Devil’s Riddle: Session 52

Lisandra is true to her word. As sleep claims the weary group the Channeler moves among them reciting sacred words in a language unfamiliar to all save Rufus. At the touch of her cool fingertips the pains of battle are washed away.

The elderly gnome Idril is the last to rest. Before she will allow herself to sleep she rummages in her large shoulder bag and pulls out what looks like a large cookbook tied with string. As she opens it loose sheets of parchment flutter out; she deftly snatches one after another from the air, rearranging them throughout the pages of the book. At Lisandra’s quizzical glance she shakes her head, grimacing.

“I was all but useless back there dear. The spells I had committed to memory were poorly chosen, I see that now. If we are to face foes of this power I must be better prepared. An hour or so of study and the I will rest, you have my word.”

The adventurers rest for several hours, and when they wake they do indeed feel invigorated.

“Hah! I’m ready for anything!” grins Fyn, shadow fencing with his crude weapons. “Bring it on, Darkspawn, you won’t find Fyn Summergold wanting!”

Cayleb doesn’t seem convinced, and neither does Rufus who growls “Put those blades away before you put out someone’s eye. Or your own.”

As they ready themselves to leave Tomas nods down at the metal chest. “Are we not going to take a look in there, then?”

“I tried to make out the runes on it, but they were unfamilar to me.” Lisandra admits. “Did you have any more luck, Idril?”

The wizened old gnome nods, approaching with the aid of her stick. “Yes, I recognise the script. A form of ancient elvish by the look of it. Reads something like “Warded by wit”. I think it’s a puzzle, these runes look like they move. Hold on…”

Gnarled fingers lightly trace the runes for a moment, and then a smile lights up her features. “Oh, how clever. If you turn this rune 180 degrees… now it reads “Let wit be your reward”. There is a muffled click, and the chest lid swings smoothly open.

The smile dies from her face as she peers inside however. The only contents are piles of half-rusted scrap metal. Axe heads, bent spoons, a large copper kettle. Cayleb looks over her shoulder. “It’s just a lot of junk!”

“It’s food for the creatures in the next room.” Idril corrects him. “Obviously this area was a storeroom for their rations. Which suggests… something rather interesting actually. We had been assuming that the rust monsters were left here by the Darkspawn, but I think we may have that wrong. The smugglers’ tunnels lead from the village right up to Cotely Hall. We believe a ritual summoned the Darkspawn here. Unless I miss my guess those two observations are connected. I think those guard dogs next door were left by Lord Cotely to protect his home from unwanted guests from below, but visitors he was very well aware of. I think Lord Cotely may well be tied to the Devil’s Riddle cult, and may even be the one who called those creatures to our world.”

“Light of the Sacred Seven!” rumbles Tomas, fury in his voice. “What madman would do such a thing, opening gateways to other worlds? Did we learn nothing from the Demon Wars?”

Lisandra, who had been about to reply to Idril, glances at Tomas with curiosity. “Tomas, that is not the first time I have heard this phrase, “Light of the Seven”. The Source is  One, it is singular and all encompassing. What is this Seven you speak of?”

Everyone except Rufus turns to stare at the Channeler, astonished. “You’re kidding, right?” Fyn manages at last. “You’ve really never heard of the Seven? The World-Striders?  The Seven Sacred Colossi?”

He lets out a long low whistle at the blank expressions on the faces of Rufus and Lisandra. “Wow, things really are different where you come from.”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 52”

  1. The party level up to Level 4. I use this as an opportunity to tweak the spellcasters’ loadout.

    Lisandra History check: 12
    Idril History check 16

    What does she know about the runes? The Answer involves Various Examples of Intelligence, and might also involve Andromeda.

    I rule that the Fey reference relates to the language of the runes. Though this answer does open up an interesting possibility that the party don’t pick up on; if this is a Fey object, does that suggest a relationship between the Cotely’s and the Fey courts? Might that explain the presence of the briar children? It’s possible, but that’s a story thread that will remain dangling, for now at least.

    Idril Intelligence check: 18

    Now for a bit of straight up RP. I’ve been introducing hints of for some time, and have been waiting for a quiet moment for Lisandra to ask this question. I’ve decided to set this game in my group’s homebrew campaign setting, the Chained World, and this will provide the opportunity to provide some insight into that world, and how it differs to the one Rufus and Lisandra comes from.

    It’s also worth noting that events in this storyline are now canon in the campaign world, meaning that events in this game have the potential to have an impact on events in my group’s game, and visa versa.

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