The Devil’s Riddle: Session 53

Idril speaks, her voice solemn. “It is told that the world was sung into existence by the Seven. Ankhra, Brahn, Certes, Dhrume, Espra, Fove and Ghorra. They walked the world from the dawn of time, colossi 900 feet tall forged of black iron. Each a musical key, and a colour of the spectrum. Together they were the Source and the Light. And as they walked, they sang.” Her words hold the cadence and rhythm of a mantra oft-repeated. Tomas takes up the tale.

“The Seven walked the world until the Chaining, when the dwarves in their folly conspired to bind Dhrume. The worldsong fell silent, and world was torn asunder in the Shattering. And the Seven sung once more.”

“The dwarves, seeking to atone for their crime, vowed to reforge the world. They created chains that bound the shattered lands together. A great empire rose, and a golden age of peace began.”

Tomas’ turns bitter. “But it could not last. In their hubris men opened portals to other worlds. They sought profit. They found only death. Demons poured through into the Chained World, and so began the Demon Wars.”

Fyn joins the tale. “If it wasn’t for the Saviour, we wouldn’t be here talking to you now. She was the Chosen of  the Seven. It is said She was of that place, the demon dimensions. But She came through to our world and sealed the portals behind her. From the brink of utter defeat She led the people in a war that spanned the Chained World, and that led to the eventual destruction of the demon lords and their kin. The Seven were reunited, and the world was reborn in harmony.”

Idril smiles. “More than a hundred years have passed since those times. The Seven continue to stride this chained and shattered world. And, with the Saviour’s blessing, we continue to rebuild.”

There is silence for a time as Rufus and Lisandra glance at one another, trying to take all this in. Eventually Lisandra speaks, though more to herself than anyone else. “I had not thought to question, I had simply assumed… This world is so unlike our own.”

Rufus grunts. “Is it really so different? Men and their kin plot and fight and fail, darkness threatens to engulf everything, and above it all, the Light shines. It doesn’t sound so different to me.”

Cayleb snorts. “Well I’m glad that’s settled. Look, I hate to interrupt your little history lesson, but can I remind you we are trapped underground, facing metal eating monsters, needled-toothed blood-frenzied plant things, the risen dead, and the Source knows what else. Rather than catchin’ up on the last 30,000 years, shouldn’t we be figurin’ how we survive the next three hours?”        

A rueful smile tugs at Rufus’ lips. “You’re not far wrong, Cayleb.” He looks to Lisandra. “If our aim remains to slay any Darkspawn that still infest these tunnels we must set to it. We have lost enough time already.”

The Channeler nods. “True enough. Time is indeed of the essence. We must return into the tunnels, and turn left where previously we turned right. With the blessing of the Light we will see them destroyed before they have the chance to wreak further misery.”


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 53”

  1. OK, this one is a bit of an info dump. Rather than move the story forward or use any solo RPG mechanics this time out, I’m using this session to provide some background on the campaign world, under the guise of presenting it to the newcomers Rufus and Lisandra.

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