The Devil’s Riddle: Session 54

The party’s return into the smuggler tunnels is largely uneventful. The rust monsters are mollified by a meal of scrap metal, and the group head back to the junction. This time they take the other fork, entering a long, twisting tunnel that eventually forks once more. Ahead the tunnel turns once again, but to the right another passage leads to a doorway, with yet another narrow tunnel to the right of that.

Rufus gestures for silence and approaches the solid-looking wooden door, taking a moment to listen for any sounds beyond. Behind him the others ready themselves, taking up positions to support the blademaster should things go awry.

“I hear nothing, but let’s take no chances.” he whispers. Silent as night he draws his gleaming blade. “Everyone ready?”

“Would it make any difference if I said no?” grumbles Cayleb, but Rufus ignores him. He flicks the door open and moves swiftly into a huge, dark chamber, Tomas close on his heels. By the light of Cayleb’s torch the blademaster can just make out the stone vaulted ceiling and the far wall perhaps 50 feet ahead. To his right though the chamber extends a good 60 feet and then is lost in total darkness. Crude wooden benches, some overturned, are placed at regular intervals. The place looks like a subterranean church, though to what deity or dark power the adventurers can only guess.

Rufus has more important things to worry about though. Unseen by him as he passes the threshold, faint runes on the floor briefly glow an angry red. A deep voice reverberates like a bell through the room “Intruders!” and Rufus feels the unmistakable tug of magic as his limbs begin to grow heavy and slow, then freeze altogether as the enchantment binds him firmly in place.

Perhaps 40 feet away, standing close together as if in mid-conversation, are three hunched and cowled figures. They turn as one to reveal the vile rictus grins of the Dark Jesters. “My brothers,” hisses one. With a sick lurch of his stomach Tomas recognizes the ruined features of the young bookseller. “It seems another means to resolve our conundrum has presented itself!”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 54”

  1. Q: Room contents? EXCEPTIONAL YES

    I rule this means in addition to a random door this room will have a feature, an embellishment and occupants.

    Door: R: #6: 4/30: wood, good
    Door obstacle/ hindrance: R: #7: ⅔: unlocked
    Q: Light? NO
    Feature: R: #5: 9/30: ceilings, arched (peak)
    Q: Is it a church? YES
    Embellishment: R: #8: ⅛: Talking Item: R: #9: 28/30: Room (entirety), R: #10: 3/3: spell-casting, Language: R: #11: 8/30, R: #12: ⅓: Human.
    Random spell table:
    Level: R: #14: 2/4
    Spell: R: #15: 36/100: Hold Person

    As for occupants, we’ve already established guards were not allowed this deep into the complex, so I’ll change things up a bit.

    Dark Jesters
    Undead Minions
    Roll twice

    R: #13: ¼ Dark Jesters it is. After having a look through Kobold Fight Club for suitable monsters I’ve decided to use Deathlock Wights from Tales from the Yawning Portal.
    Q: all three? YES. At CR 3 that makes this a deadly encounter. Not to mention that Hold Person spell.
    Position? R: #16: 2/4: almost midway along the oblong chamber.
    Q: Jeden NO
    Q: Book/ ritual? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Scene #5 (Positive Alteration)

    That was unexpected. I had envisaged the party bursting in on a dark rite in full swing, but clearly not. The Jesters have had plenty of time to retrieve the book and get back here, so clearly with that positive alteration something has gone wrong for our grinny friends. I rule that the book is missing, and add that as a plot thread to Mythic. We’ll wait for now before finding out what’s happened to Jeden.

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