The Devil’s Riddle: Session 55

Idril steps into the room and points her stick at the nearest of the Jesters. Her voice crackles with power, and her eyes glow white in the gloom. “Go and sit in the corner until I call for you, dear.” The creature turns, as if to comply, then cocks its head to one side and turns back. It lets out a long hiss. Idril, her mental grip shattered, backs away through the doorway.

Fyn races into the room, his axe and dagger glinting in the torchlight. He comes in low, feinting with the dagger before swinging the axe hard, aiming for nearest Jester’s knee. Instead he slices harmlessly through billowing cloak. He whirls away, cursing, just in time for Cayleb to duck around the doorway and fire. The bolt punches hard into the Jester’s shoulder, but instead of doing any significant damage it only just pierces the skin before clattering to the cobbles. “Source! What are these things?” he gulps, as he too ducks back out of sight through the doorway.

“They are the very foulest spawn of darkness, and I shall send them back to whence they came!” bellows Tomas, charging forward. His righteous fury manifests as a bright white glow that causes the Jester to recoil as its desiccated skin begins to bubble and hiss. Seizing his opportunity Tomas slams his axe hard into the creature’s side, but it doesn’t fall, even when a searing bolt of light cast by Lisandra burns into it. Rufus, frozen in place, can do nothing but stare in mute fury.

As the brawny warrior tries to tug his axe free the Jester reaches out, and at its touch Tomas’ skin begins to blacken and shrivel. He feels his essence being forcibly drained from him, and grits his teeth against the pain. “That’s it, feed me, mortal creature!” the foul thing hisses.

The other two Jesters back away in opposite directions and black crackling energy leaps from their outstretched fingers towards the beleaguered Tomas. He tears his axe free in the nick of time; only one of the four bolts strikes home as he backs hurriedly away, though the pain it inflicts is almost more than he can bear.

Idril tries a more direct approach. She launches a tiny orb of flame towards the Jester facing Tomas, but the grinning thing swats it contemptuously aside. Capitalising on the distraction Fyn dives in, both weapons biting into hard dead flesh. “Fall, curse you!” he snarls in frustration as he backs back out of reach once more, only for Cayleb’s crossbow bolt to take the thing clean between its grinning teeth. There is a long hiss, and the monstrous thing crumbles to dust, it’s black cloak falling empty to the flagstones.

Tomas grins. “You see? They die just like anything else. And you’re next, abomination!” With a roar he charges the Jester that had backed away to the right, his axe hammering down into its shoulder. The creatures howls as the warrior’s aura of radiance blisters its skin. It howls again as Lisandra strides forward and begins to glow so brightly she becomes painful to look at. Her eyes blaze like twin stars as she cries “Feel the Light’s righteous power, hellspawn! Let it blast you back to the Ebon Pit!” Necrotic flesh sloughs from both the Jesters’ skulls, and their shrieks of pain  echo through the vaulted chamber.   

Rufus, who has been battling against the magic holding him in place, calms his mind. He steps outside himself, observing the magic coursing through his body, and the way it holds his muscles paralyzed. You have trained to overcome spells such as this, he thinks to himself. Remember, it is a question of correctly targeted will. Instead of struggling physically, focus the mind. Like… so! Freed of the magical bonds he moves into an attacking stance, death in his eyes.


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 55”

  1. Squire 5e Pro is proving a fantastic tool for handling combat. It really takes all the bookkeeping out of things.

    Tomas takes quite a beating, but that’s his job, and he does it well. One Jester down, though the party are burning through resources at quite a rate. They won’t be able to do much after this fight. Fingers crossed they get an opportunity to rest. Assuming they live through it of course…

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