The Devil’s Riddle: Session 59

Fyn, meanwhile, is entirely out of his mind with fear. He runs through pitch black corridors with no thought for his destination or the dangers that may lie ahead. His only goal is to escape those horrors that he knows lie behind. Reaching a door he fumbles in the darkness to open it but finds it locked. He whimpers in terror.

In desperation he slams into the door with his shoulder, but fear has unmanned him and his limbs feel drained of strength. The door doesn’t budge, but the sudden sharp pain in his shoulder is sufficient to snap him back to himself. The magical terror dissipates, leaving the young swashbuckler suddenly clearheaded.

“Seven Hells”, he mutters, gazing back down the pitch-black corridor and suddenly very aware of his solitude and vulnerability in this dangerous place.  “What have I done?”

He waits for a moment, but hearing nothing from behind the door he begins to feel his way back the way he came, fingers brushing against cold stone. He’s gone perhaps twenty feet when he hears approaching footsteps, and his heart leaps to his mouth. He fumbles for his weapons, only to realise that he dropped them back in the chapel room. He has a bow strapped to his back, but it’s worse than useless in these conditions. Unarmed, alone, and blind. Exceptional, Fyn, just exceptional.

The footsteps draw closer, a rhythmic staccato march. The precise, regimented march of a man with a parade ground swagger stick shoved firmly up his butt, Fyn realises. “Rufus?” He calls out into the darkness. “Is that you?”

A faint blue glow appears, and a moment later Rufus rounds the corner, his sword glowing in the dark and faintly illuminating him.

“Fyn. Well, you haven’t managed to get yourself killed, or bring down another horde of Darkspawn on our heads. Which is something I suppose. Come on, we need to get back to Lisandra.”

Despite the blademaster’s gruff words Fyn grins. Rufus may give him a hard time, but even the blithe swashbuckler can hear the relief in the older man’s words. “It’s good to see you too, Rufus. I can honestly say I’ve never been so pleased to see you. You don’t have a dagger about your person I could borrow do you? I seem to have mislaid my weapons again.”

The two make their way back down the winding corridor. As they near the door to the chapel Rufus turns to Fyn, about to speak, only for the younger man to hold up a hand, cutting him off. “Quiet!” he whispers. “I think I hear something…”

They both hear what comes next; a roar of agony from Tomas as battle is rejoined. 

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 59”

  1. Time to see what happens to our wayward Fyn.

    Q: Is the door locked? YES

    STR DC to break it down:


    R: #2: 1/3 . I decide that the door is solid, like the others we’ve seen thus far, but that it is just being held by a latch on the other side, DC 10 to break.

    Fyn STR check: 6. You wimp, Fyn!

    Fyn WIS check : 19 Well at least he’s broken free of fear effect.

    Given that he’s just given the door an almighty thump we’d best see if there are any occupants of the room who may respond.

    Q: Is the room occupied? EXCEPTIONAL NO

    That’s an interesting response. I see a couple of options here; either there is something about this room that causes it to be entirely empty, or there was an occupant, but he is now dead.

    Something ensures the room that the room is empty
    The occupant is dead

    R: #3: 3/3. It’s neither of those options. So what could it be? Time to ask a Detail question.

    Q: Why is the room unoccupied? The Answer involves A Mystery involving Newness

    That sounds intriguing, but for now I decide to leave this mystery unsolved; I can always return to it if the party decide to return this way. For now I think Fyn is going to head back.

    Fyn Perception check: 21 And at least he’s paying attention. He spots Rufus approaching, and with a natural 20 realises it’s Rufus even in the dark.

    Fyn Insight check: 17. Even with his low Wisdom Fyn realises Rufus us relieved to find him, and doesn’t take offense.

    Fyn Perception check: 21. A second natural 20!

    Rufus Perception check: 2, And a natural 1 from Rufus!

    Random Event: Something Negative happens to Dark Jesters, involving the Disruption of Tension

    And that takes us neatly full circle back to the battle with the Jesters. I’ll work out what it means in the next session.

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