The Devil’s Riddle: Session 60

Rufus and Fyn enter into a scene of chaos; Lisandra bleeding from claw marks across one cheek, Tomas stood rigid in pain as the creature of shadow plunges its limbs ever deeper into his back.

“Stand fast Tomas, I have this.” mutters Idril . The elderly gnome cups her hands and thrusts them out towards the shadowy figure. A tiny bead of swirling black energy flies out and impacts the spectre with a deafening crack of thunder. The concussive force tears the thing apart.  

Fyn and Rufus use the distraction to dash in unseen behind the last remaining Jester; Fyn stabs hard but his dagger passes clean through rotting flesh, causing no appreciable damage. His blow serves to alert the creature however, and hissing in fury it ducks its head beneath a swing from Rufus that would surely have decapitated it.

“Duck this, chuckles!” Cayleb yells, backpedaling, and another of his bolts flies true, burying itself to the fletching in the Darkspawn’s chest.

Tomas bellows in fury and hacks at the creature. The blow is heavy enough to knock the Jester to one knee, but seems to do little actual damage. “You shall be the first to die!” the undead monstrosity hisses at him.

“I think not, foul thing.” Lisandra’s words are gentle, and the movements of her fingers are delicate. The roaring blast of fire that spews forth is anything but. The Dark Jester bursts into flames, the dry and desiccated flesh consumed in a furious conflagration. Blackened bones collapse to the flagstones.

The group silently surround their fallen foe, readying themselves for the emergence of its spirit form.  But swirling smoke-like creature that emerges from the bones does not rise up to attack. Instead it sinks into the stone floor and vanishes from sight.

“Seven take it, it’s got away!” Cayleb moans. “Gone to fetch more of its kind, no doubt!”

“I’m not so sure” Lisandra muses, even as she moves to Tomas’ side to tend to his wounds. “If there were more nearby surely they would have all attacked when the one we questioned broke free of Idril’s control. No, I think we have dealt the enemy a significant blow here today.”

Idril nods. “Aye, lass, your reasoning is sound to my mind. Their plan centered on a summoning ritual, and that ritual requires a book. We have destroyed several of their number, and the one that remains does not know where the book is. It mistakenly believed we must have taken it.”

“I take it that none of us did take it?” Tomas asks, wincing as Lisandra massages necrotised flesh with fingers that glow with holy light. The other shake their heads. “So where could it be? The bookseller left it, Jeden didn’t know anything about it, none of us have it. Who else could possibly have taken it?”

The group stare blankly at one another for several beats before realisation strikes. Rufus and Tomas speak at once: “Ranji!”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 60”

  1. I rule that both Fyn and Rufus get the chance to attack from hiding with a succesful Stealth vs Perception check, which will grant them advantage on their attacks. For all the good it does them; both attack with advantage, and both miss! Lucky the rest of the party are more succesful.

    At the end of the last session I got this random event.

    Random Event: Something Negative happens to Dark Jesters, involving the Disruption of Tension

    I rule that the Darkspawn was about to use its fear effect on the party, but the sudden reappearance of their allies gives the advantage on their saves vs Fear. As it turns out we never get that far: the enemies are cut down before they get a chance to attack.

    We need to determine what the final Jester’s Spectre form does.

    Q: Does it flee? YES
    Q: Does it escape? YES

    It seems very unlikely that anyone in the party picked up the book, but it can’t hurt to ask:

    Q: Has any party member taken the book? NO

    The party’s thought process is pretty much my own; if no-one else took the book, by process of elimination the only other person who has been at the Inn is the young girl who was hiding there, Ranji.

    I decide not to ask the GM Emulator if she has it; it is enough for now that my party think she did.

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