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The Devil’s Riddle: Interlude

Posted in The Devil's Riddle on September 30, 2018 by Carl

After more than a year away I think it’s high time I restarted the Devil’s Riddle campaign. Before we get back into it I need to take stock.

The party have determined that the young half-elven girl Ranji, who they encountered at the Devil’s Riddle Inn back in session 28, is the most likely suspect in the case of the missing summoning book. And they need stop that book falling into the enemy’s hands if they are to prevent the incursion of the arch-enemy, the Fury. However they have also learned that the Jesters captured Jeden the innkeeper in an attempt to learn of the book’s whereabouts.

I feel this is a suitable narrative break point, and I’m inclined to fast-forward things along a bit. So I decide to ask a the GM Emulator a series of questions and let those help me determine where we restart the campaign.

Q. Do the party find Jeden? YES
Q: Is he alive? YES

That’s a relief! Tortured and traumatised, but still breathing. I rule the party return him to the Inn and bind his wounds.

Q: Is he in a fit state to be left alone? YES

Great. So the party head out in pursuit of Ranji.

Q: Are there any clues as to where she went? YES
Q: What clue? The Answer involves The Exact Opposite of Spirituality.

Materialism. She’s stolen a bunch more things, so we can only assume she’s a thief and intends to sell them. And the best place to sell them is probably the nearest town, where the villagers went, Temane. That’s a day a and a half down the Tremane Trail according to Session 29. I decide to send my party in pursuit.

I also decide, given that his sword is now sentient and able to glow, and because the party have had pretty much no other loot so far, that Rufus’ blade is now a +1 magical weapon. Fyn has also replaced his powdered rapiers and the others have restocked all missing supplies.

Q: Any encounters on the trail? YES
Q: How far along the trail? R: #4: 78/100. Three quarters of the way to Tremane.
Q: What is the nature of the encounter? Utterly Beautiful Violence, Mother Telerassi

Wow, that’s going to take some unpicking, even before we get to the Utterly Beautiful Violence thing. Mother Telerassi was the Tower Mother of the Sky Temple who introduced Jeden to his mentor Olimar. As a Tower Mother she is very likely to be a priestess of the Source, like Lisandra.

Q: Is she a priestess? NO

OK, so perhaps another sort of senior figure in the Sky Temple then.

Q: a monk? YES

But here’s the rub; that temple is in another world! A world that has fallen to darkness. And years before that happened the temple was attacked by the Fey Queen Andromeda. How can Mother Telerassi possibly be involved with an encounter on the Tremane Trail? I guess we’ll find out in the next session!