The Devil’s Riddle: Session 61

“Get behind me! Don’t let them touch you!”

Rufus interposes himself between the terrified group of young monks and their attackers, a trio of hideous spectral forms that swoop above them, their ruined faces distorted in fury. The blademaster lashes out twice and the lead creature shrieks, translucent white hair whipping about her once-beautiful features. banshee

“Rufus, what have you got us into this time?” Cries Fyn as he darts around his companion. Though his weapons connect they seem to do have little actual effect. He backs hurriedly away.

“D’you have to ask? More damned trouble, same as always!” Cayleb grunts, putting a crossbow bolt neatly between the vile apparition’s eyes. The hole vanishes almost at once. He too backs away down the Tremane Trail, grumbling to himself as he half vanishes into the twilight. “I thought we were supposed to be out here hunting for a book, not rescuin’ every hapless passerby we stumble across…”

“And leave these poor travelers to their fate? I think not!” Lisandra smiles grimly, helping one of the monks to stand. “Wherever Ranji is, she will have to wait!” The orange-clad Brethren of Ankhra are battered and shaken but they do not break. Instead they find their feet and, joining hands, begin to chant. The four of them are suffused in a beatific white glow of healing power.

As if in response the banshees begin to shriek at those nearby as they rise into the air. Whilst the monks seem immune the combined cacophony is unbearable to the party; first Lisandra, then Idril and Tomas, and finally even Rufus succumb to the unrelenting waves of sound, collapsing senseless to the ground.

“Oh, well that’s just great!” comes Cayleb’s voice from somewhere in the gloom.

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 61”

  1. To try and solve yesterday’s conundrum of Mother Telerassi I thought a bit more about who she might have been. An ancient Tranquility Monk seemed like the most logical fit. That set me off down a new line of reasoning; perhaps what I was looking at here wasn’t the Tower Mother herself, but someone very similar; a pacifist monk, or maybe more than one. That thought provided me with my next logical leap; the ruined Devil’s Riddle monastery where Lisandra and Rufus discovered Jeden way back in Session 2 had been home to a spiritual monastic order. Could this group be involved in Utterly Beautiful Violence?

    Q: A group of monks?(Likely) YES
    Q: Linked to the Devil’s Riddle? NO. OK, in that case I decide they are The Most Tranquil Brethren of Thrice-Blessed Ankhra. Or as folks around here call them, the Brethren of Ankhra.
    Q: The source of the violence? (50/50) NO. Sounds like they are under attack.
    How many monks? 2d4: 4 monks
    Q: Is Ranji with them? NO

    • I was still struggling with the Utterly Beautiful part, so I decided to randomise between some high-charisma monsters (This spreadsheet proved very useful):

      1: Dryad
      2: Cambion (Graz’zt spawn)
      3: Succubus/ Incubus
      4: Warlock
      5: Revenant
      6: Banshee
      7: Other

      R: #1: 6/7: Banshees!


      1: Medium
      2: Hard
      3: Deadly

      R: #2: 3/3 Well poop. Banshees are NASTY. This could go badly wrong…

      Round 1: Banshee 1 takes some lumps but is still fluttering. The party on the other hand… oh dear. This doesn’t bode well at all…

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