The Devil’s Riddle: Session 62

“You Brethren are going to have to fight if you want to live!” Fyn yells, racing back into the fray and standing over his fallen comrades. With the banshees out of reach he drops his rapiers, draws his bow and fires.

“We do not sully our spirits with violence-” one of the monks begins.

“Oh no, of course not, why would you want to do a crazy thing like fighting for your lives? Or ours, for that matter?” Cayleb groans, firing from a distance and missing.

“-but we can assist in other ways.” the monk finishes calmly. Each kneels and places a hand on the forehead of a fallen party member. The light flares once more and four sets of eyes flutter open.



The respite is short-lived. Overhead the faces of the banshees grow breathtakingly beautiful, almost spellbinding. Then in a moment of untrammeled horror the spectral flesh sloughs from their rotting bones, revealing the putrefaction and decay that boils beneath. Maggots and flies burst from their mouths, nostrils and eyes.

Rufus and Lisandra scramble away, eyes wild with terror. Two of the monks are similarly unmanned and turn to flee.

Idril begins to raise her hands to cast a spell but with a shriek a banshee swoops down and grips her face between spectral hands. The gnome’s eyes roll back in her skull and she falls limply to the earth. Another of the howling harries one of the fleeing monks, but he nimbly manages to remain just out reach.

Lisandra, still trembling, closes her eyes and tries to steady her breathing. The light of the Source erupts from her, bathing all nearby in its healing aura. At her connection with the Source her fear subsides.

Beside her Idril’s eyes flick back open and harden. “Now that was just rude!” she snaps at the undead thing hovering in front of her. Then she vanishes from sight.

Tomas rises to his feet, his face black with fury. “Foul grave-spawn!” he roars, “Let the Light of the Seven send you back to Hell!” Blue-white light corruscates from him as he swings his axe, and even before it connects one approaching banshee is blasted to ash. The second recoils in pain, but not swiftly enough to avoid Tomas’ axe as it slashes through her. She shrieks an ancient elvish curse at the hulking warrior, her hands raised before her face to ward off the light.

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 62”

  1. Round 2

    Lisandra, Rufus and 2 monks fail checks vs Horrifying Visage
    Target 1 R: #1: 8/9 Idril
    Target 2 R: #2: 4/8 Monk 2
    Lisandra casts Healing Word
    Idril casts Invisibility
    Q: Can Tomas reach #1? YES
    Tomas: Rage, Divine Fury

    Well that’s one of the buggers down. A much better round for my party, but the remaining two banshees are going to be hard to kill and can dish out a load of damage. It’s still touch and go. Banshees are TOUGH in 5e! CR4 my arse!

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