The Devil’s Riddle: Session 63

Rufus struggles to master himself, but cannot overcome his terror of the creatures. Instead he backs away, dropping his sword. Shaking fingers fumble for arrows and he fires twice in rapid succession, but the uncontrollable trembling sends both shots wide.

“Recall yourself, my friend!” Lisandra calls to him. “Find your centre!” The light that suffuses her burns brighter, causing both harpies to snarl with pain.

Fyn darts in, stabbing wildly with both rapiers, then dives to one side as Cayleb’s crossbow twangs again. The elder monk intones “Leaves on the wind” and all four of the Brethren spread out, weaving and dancing away from attacks with impossible grace.

Tomas continues to hack away, his own divine aura burning translucent flesh from the undead creatures, driving them back.

Rufus takes a deep breath; all fear is gone. “My thanks” he mutters to Lissandra. Then he charges, catching up his blade in mid-stride. He slices twice, and an unquiet spirit bursts apart with one final, terrible shriek.

The group turn on their final foe. Seeing her best attacks rebuffed and her sisters cut down the harpy hisses a string of elven invective before fleeing into the night sky.

“Come back! Come back and taste my axe, night soil!” Tomas roars after her. Lisandra places a soothing hand on his arm. “Calm yourself my brother. The battle is over, and against the odds we still stand, Source be praised.”

“In our hour of need the Light of the Seven shall provide” smiles the eldest of the monks, stepping forward and bowing low to Lisandra and the others. “You have the profound thanks of the Most Tranquil Brethren of Thrice-Blessed Ankhra. We are in your debt.”

Lisandra bows back as Fyn and Rufus join her. The blademaster sheaths his sword and replies “You may be able to repay that debt. We seek a half-elven girl, perhaps 15, and believe she has traveled this way. Wild-haired and surly she was. Have you seen anyone matching that description?”

“Oh yes” the monk replies at once with a sad smile. “No mistaking her. We saw the young lady you speak of entering town as we left Tremane. It struck me when I saw her that in times such as these only the truly foolhardy or desperate travel alone.”

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