The Devil’s Riddle: Session 64

“Aromak’s gilded beard, but this place reeks!” Fyn complains. The travelers have passed through Tremane’s south gate, a ramshackle affair of half-rotten timber, and at Tomas’ suggestion he, Fyn and Cayleb have headed to a small inn nestled between a burned-out ruin and a fly-infested pen populated by several forlorn-looking oxen. It looks like no-one has mucked them out for quite some time. “You can’t be serious, Tomas! This hovel? It looks more like an outhouse than an inn!”

The big warrior shrugs. “You are not wrong Fyn, it is a pitiful dive. But if anyone in Tremane knows anything about the movements of wastrel girl with stolen goods to fence, I’d wager the King’s Tankard is the place we’ll find them. Just watch your purses and your backs.” He opens the door, strides inside and bangs his head on a low beam, “And your heads.”

The King’s Tankard

The smell inside is not much better, and neither is the clientele. Hunched in semi-darkness over mugs of soapy-looking ale they look variously disreputable, dangerous or desperate. There is no sign of the girl they seek. A huge woman sat behind a makeshift bar levers herself grumpily to her feet. “What’ll it be?”

Fyn flashes her a dazzling smile and launches into a flattering, flirtatious diatribe that by the end has the dour-faced old half-elf giggling and blushing. It also unfortunately reveals that there has been no sign of Ranji.

“A dead end.” Tomas sighs as the group huddle around a candle-lit table and try not to think about what might be living in their beer. “I was sure if she’d come anywhere it would be here. I only hope the others have better luck.”

“Oh, it hasn’t been a total waste of time.” Cayleb grins wickedly, nodding at the innkeeper, who is gazing over at Fyn with gap-toothed lasciviousness. “It looks like Fyn at least has got lucky!”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 64”

  1. Q: Are any of my party familiar with Tremane? YES
    A few rolls reveal that Fyn has passed through on his travels, and that Tomas stayed here for some time prior to visiting Tylon. I send them and Cayleb to a local lowlife dive.
    Let’s see if Ranji is in the first place I look.
    Q: Ranji present? (very unlikely) EXCEPTIONAL NO. That either means she was here but something notable happened that led to her departure, or she hasn’t been here at all.
    Q: Recognise anyone? NO
    Fyn Persuasion: 16 vs Wisdom 7
    Q: Was she here? (50/50) NO
    Q: has anyone seen her around town? NO
    Q: Any notable interest YES
    Who from? R: #1: ⅛: the innkeeper Ausan.
    Nature of interest? The Answer involves a Surprising Amount of Hope.

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