The Devil’s Riddle: Session 66

“Well at least you can take a drink here without worrying you’ll find a dead mouse at the bottom of your mug.” Fyn shudders at the memory.  

Caleb grins. “Oh, I don’t know. The King’s Tankard had a certain charm, don’t you think, Tomas?” He nudges the big man. Tomas nods absently but is lost in contemplation, oblivious to both his companions’ conversation and the merry hubbub of the Crossed Axes taproom.

“If we don’t get our hands on that book and destroy it the Chained World itself could be at risk!” Tomas mutters into his ale, his brow furrowed. “And we’ve lost it to a guttersnipe! Damn the girl, where could she be?”

“Don’t get your hopes up too high, but I just may have an answer to that question.” Idril hops up onto a vacant stool between Tomas and Rufus. “See the dwarf over there? Long white hair? She’s a scholar, name of Raphne, and she says she’s seen our girl.”

Rufus and Lisandra, along with Idril, join the silver-haired dwarf at her table, and over the course of several drinks learn some interesting new information.

“Zis is last night, yes? Young snippet of girl is challengink me to drinking contest. Me! A Vardriotr! Vell, I cannot let zis past, can I? End before I know it, bem! I am vakink up in alley behind ze inn, all my money she is gone, end girl too. Is impossible!” Raphne seems remarkably cheerful about the whole incident, laughing and shaking her head in disbelief.

“I am sinking zis girl she is from Tylon village yes? Big fire, very sad. Many people zey come here to Tremaine, go to magistrate Cromwell for help. Zey are tellink crazy story of magical qveen, of dancink end madness end fire. Magistrate Cromwell, he asks me to take depositions from each, I transcribe many stories. I am sinking zey have very special mushrooms in Tylon, yes?” She laughs heartily, then leans forwards conspiratorially.

“But here is strangest thing; zis morning I find all transcripts gone! Stolen! Zis girl, she break into magistrate office vile I sleep and take everthink! Vot do you sink ebout zat, eh?”

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 66”

  1. Raphne’s Attitude (DMG pg 244): R: #8: 2/6: friendly
    Idril Investigate check 14 Vs DC 10 (easy): success.
    Q: Did Ranji want to sell Raphne the book? NO
    Q: Why did she talk to Raphne? The Answer involves a Surprising Lack of Respectability. That seems to fit with Raphne’s desire for drinking contest opponents.
    Q: Does she know where Ranji went? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Did Raphne pass out? YES
    Q: Was her drink spiked? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Wow. It seems like our teenage half-elf somehow drank a full grown dwarf under the table. How did she manage that? I suspect if Raphne’s drink wasn’t spiked Ranji used subterfuge. Perhaps she was able to de-spike her own drink somehow.
    Q: Did Ranji rob Raphne? EXCEPTIONAL YES. Sounds like something of real value.
    Q: What did she steal? The Answer involves a Mystery involving Danger, and could affect the thread ‘The exodus to Tremaine’. That’s really interesting. Back in session 29 we learned that the villagers set fire to their village and left for Tremaine, but we never learned why. In fact Rufus goes as far as to say “Another mystery, and one I fear we may not be able to answer any time soon.” Maybe now it’s time for some answers.
    Q: Did the villagers go to the town authorities when they arrived? YES
    Q: Did they explain why they set the fire? YES
    Q: Why did they do it? The Answer involves Fascinating Frivolity, and might also involve Andromeda.

    Whoa. That raises some very interesting possibilities. Could Ranji somehow be linked to the Fae Queen?

    Q: Do the party discover anything else? YES
    R: #9: ¾: 3. Rumour: The town magistrate is also the master of the Assassins Guild.

    Tristan Cromwell is a 41 year old male human magistrate.
    He has short, curled, gray hair and green eyes.
    He has rough chocolate skin.
    He stands 162cm (5’3″) tall and has an athletic build.
    He has a triangular, forgettable face.
    He has a tattoo of an inspirational quote about happiness on his neck.
    He quietly worships the goddess of spiders, darkness, chaos, evil, and assassination.
    He has an even temper.
    He inherited a castle.
    He doesn’t like his profession, has always dreamed of becoming a minister.
    He wears a lot of beautiful jewelry.

    I swear both this “The town magistrate is also the master of the Assassins Guild” and this “He quietly worships the goddess of spiders, darkness, chaos, evil, and assassination.” came up completely randomly and independently. I just love the weird serendipity randomly generated solo RPGs throw up sometimes.

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