The Devil’s Riddle: Session 67

“Another dead end!” Tomas fumes when Idril and Lisandra return. “We still have no idea where the girl could be!”

Lisandra shakes her head. “No, we don’t. But we do have important new information if we are to believe what we have been told.”

Idril knits her brows, puzzled. “We do? All I heard was a lot of twaddle about queens and dancing. How does that help us?”

Lisandra exchanges a glance with her bodyguard. “It is time, Rufus. Tell them.” The taciturn warrior shakes his head in consternation, but does as he is bid.

“I was not always the man I am today. In my youth I was… foolish. I won the love of a powerful  queen of the fae, Andromeda, and then betrayed her. To escape her wrath I made a pact with another powerful fae that trapped her and transformed me.”

Cayleb, who has just returned from the bar laden with drinks, gawps at Lisandra in disbelief. “Is he serious?”  

Rufus continues. “I found a master and studied the arts of the Chamarand, our world’s greatest blademasters. But my past would not stay buried. Andromeda broke free. She came for me, intent upon revenge, but my master intervened. Even as she possessed my body be sacrificed himself upon my blade. The two of them were held in endless battle, trapped in perfect equilibrium.”  

He sighs. “At least, that was the case until that moment in the tunnels, when her spirit almost gained dominance over me. Since then has been silent. But now my master, Olimar speaks to me once more.”

“Hold up, let me just make sure I’m following this right. Your dead master, who’s inside your sword, talks to you?” Cayleb takes a long drink and raises his eyebrows at Fyn. “Hoooo boy.”

Rufus ignores him. “The events in the village can’t be a coincidence. I’d know her work anywhere. The villagers are mysteriously bewitched, then torch their homes and flee, leaving the  Ranji, who steals the book that both we and her foes are seeking. Next Andromeda attempts to overwhelm Olimar in the tunnels. Shortly after we are beset by briar-kin. Then her presence fades from my mind, freeing Olimar.”

“The signs are clear. Since we arrived here her power has been growing. And now she is loose. Her spirit is abroad in the world, sowing discord and malice. She seeks to thwart our plans. She seeks revenge upon me. Where before we had one enemy to face, now we have two.”

Lisandra nods. “I fear you are correct my friend. And worse still; if what you suppose is true, then it is highly likely that Ranji is no mere urchin, but an agent of the fae queen.” 

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 67”

  1. A little piecing together of events this session. This is pure role play, with no need to consult the GM: this is all supposition on Rufus’ part, after all. Though I’m inclined to believe it! And it puts the whole party on the same page.

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