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The Lions of Brindol

Posted in NPCs on November 12, 2011 by Carl

You learn the following information about the Lions of Brindol from the Ghostlord’s library.

Sir Cadogan of Rhest: a noble warrior, wielder of the magical spear Cuchulain
Malazar and Irenz: a mighty wizard and his pet red dragon
Silanis Nightshadow: A golden-haired arcane archer
Hugnor Hammerfist: A Moradin-touched dwarven prince, heir to the Hammerfist Holds
Korgaran: A fearsome dragonborn champion of Bahamut
Vellis the Knife: a halfling famed for her swiftness, wit and cunning
The Shroud: a mysterious creature of night and shadow, utterly deadly, utterly ruthless

The Lions of Brindol were a legendary adventuring party active during the twilight years of the Neruth Empire. They vanished at the height of their fame.

There are several conflicting theories as to their ultimate fate. Some claim they now sit amongst the gods themselves. Others have it that they met their end in an unholy labyrinthine crypt far below the earth. Still others speak of an ultimate sacrifice that left them frozen for eternity, locked in endless battle with forces that would have destroyed the world, whilst another tale claims that the Lions lie slumbering in a mystical stasis, ready to return when the world needs them most.

NPC Spotlight: Splug

Posted in NPCs on September 18, 2010 by Carl


Was there ever a goblin to match Splug?

Once an outcast member of the goblin horde allied to Kalarel, he quickly turned traitor against his kin when threatened with certain death by the SRaO. He then became the party’s mistrusted guide through Shadowfell Keep’s catacombs. Though he began his membership of the group as little more than Brick’s leashed gimp he quickly made the transition to pet, then to mascot, and finally to fully fledged ally when he hurled himself into the final climactic battle against Kalarel, falling to the Deathpriest’s blows but saving his newfound master in the process.

Apocalypsia will tell anyone who cares to listen that to this day Brick takes a cuddly Splug doll to bed with him at night on a tiny leash, and cries himself to sleep.