SRaO Film Night

The premise: We watch a suitably geek-friendly movie, and play a game that matches the theme.

This page is a place to suggest suitable films, dates, venues and dates.

6 Responses to “SRaO Film Night”

  1. Akira, Alien/ Aliens and Brazil were suggested last night. Any more for any more?

  2. The first of these is Avengers, at the Swiss Cottage Imax.

    Sunday 28th was suggested, it looks like it’s on at 2.40pm. Who’s in?

    Might have to give the gaming part a miss, unless I can retheme Sentinels of the Multiverse pretty damn quick…

  3. I like the idea of a film night as an occasional alternative to RPG. As I said on Friday I think that my tastes are probably a bit different to the rest of the group. Of Akira, Brazil or Alien/s the first two don’t really sound like my thing, but I am happy to approach this as a cultural exchange and give then a try. I suggest that rather than chosing films as a committee decision we each take a turn to nominate a film or two. Carl, as you came up with the idea why don’t we try your choice first.

    I also like the idea of extending this to the occasional cinema visit at the weekend, but I am really not a fan of superheroes and so I will give the Avengers a miss to avoid killing your buzz with my negativity.

  4. I’m always going to struggle to make weekend dates – perhaps in 10 years time when the children are older…

    However, as for a film night at someone’s gaff as an alt. to RPG I’m definitely up for it. I think Russell’s idea of taking it turn is a good one. Just so you know, when it comes to my turn I never tire of watching Starship Troopers…

  5. stefan Says:

    Starship troopers universe could be fun to play. Im thinking about men in black as a fun setting 🙂

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