SRaOCON 2012

SRaOCON 2012 will be held in the gothic majesty of Stearn Cottage, arrive early for maximum gaming goodness. Dates are Nov 9th to 11th.

7 Responses to “SRaOCON 2012”

  1. You should have received an invite to a Which Date Works page, where you can list your availability for SRaOCON 2012. This is a pretty useful site for working out who’s free when, and (oddly enough) which date works. Pop your availability in now, we can always edit as we get closer to the time and unavoidable family commitments start to screw with our carefully laid plans.

    This link shows who is free when.

  2. Here’s a place near Luton that sleeps 6. Looks quite nice.

    Cost is £400 a week, but we may be able to get a deal on a 2 night stay.

    • Tried to put the postcode of that cottage in to Dominoes….and they DO deliver :p

      Most important though…the place has a dishwasher!

  3. Oh, I think we have a winner. Nice one Sean!

    £260 between 6, near Bury St Edmunds. About a 90 minute drive. I’ll book for the 9th and 10th Nov once I get firm commitments. Who is 100% in? (I am!)

  4. I can commit 100% to pay no matter what. I can commit 99% to going 😉

    Looks like a great place!

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