Next Session: Friday September 16th

No gaming for me this week, I’m off to France.

With luck though Jules will be able to host. So who’s in, and what’s being played?


13 Responses to “Next Session: Friday September 16th”

  1. We talked about last week that Sean was going to run deathwatch.

    BUT in the meantime I have ordered a BIIIIG ass TV and it is being delivered Saturday morning at shit o clock :p. Meaning that I shall have to dismember the old TV on friday…so I will have to cancel sadly 😦
    but WOHOOO 55 inch 3d TV is going to be niiiiice 🙂

  2. Ok so who else is out?

  3. I hope to be able to come along and I am keen to play some Deathwatch.

    My wife has an unpleasant stomach ‘flu at the moment. If I catch it before Friday evening I may have to cancel, but I am OK at the moment.

  4. Richard Smith Says:

    By the Emperor I’m in!

  5. OK, I might be bringing 2 sons with me this time instead of one if thats ok?

  6. Sorry i’m out again this week – Team are dropping like flies with tummy bug they seem determined I should also catch by tonight and quite frankly life to all too stressful for me to be any fun to be around at the moment …

    Basically i’m saving you from being in the vicinity of a VERY grumpy bitch by not attending…

    Enjoy and I will see you all when my general mood improves! xxx

  7. Richard Smith Says:

    No problem with me Sean, more the merrier… all we need now is Jule’s approval for his place

  8. I think he said yes last week, so it should sitll be ok. I would guess 🙂

  9. Yes yes yes. All is good for tonight. Sorry for not being on he forum but have been working etc.

    See you anytime after 7.30.

  10. Sorry, I’m not going to be able to make it. I apologise for messing you around.

  11. Russell, sadly your character is dead – sorry I mean to say will die. He’s clearly a traitor to the Emperor or at least that is what his former colleagues are saying. Please be assured this has nothing to do with you bailing on us tonight…

  12. Jules, people who who fail to turn up certainly deserve to have their characters executed. However I didn’t have a character for Deathwatch. I think I was playing yours last session.

  13. Are we gaming this week? I assume not from the lack of correspondence.

    Sorry again for dropping out at the 11th hour last week.

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