Next Session: Friday 9th September

Game on at mine this Friday. We play D&D. No excuses, no exceptions, presence is mandatory. Hup! Hup! Hup! Now sound off!

5 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 9th September”

  1. SIR yes SIR!
    When you say roleplaying, i say HOW HIGH?! SIR!

  2. I’m in too.

  3. Barring any acts of god I will be there.

  4. Richard Smith Says:

    In Corfu still I’m afraid, I’ll see you all next week….. don’t get me killed…. Artheon is more squishy than anyone else who’s been played by another player, I shall brace myself for bad news =S

  5. Sorry Guys I’m out his evening – have been feeling terrible all week and just don’t think I could manage a late night D&D onslaught (plus although I’m a sharing sort I don’t think you all want me to give you a lurgy for the weekend!).

    Have Fun.


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